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40M Hamstik on Iron Horse triple magnet mount.

Yaesu FT-817 rests in console with Palm Mini paddle magnetically stuck to top of rig, paddles facing the floor.

This QRP mobile continues to amaze fixed station ops on 40M CW with its good signal! 559 reports are common, and I get a few 589 and 599s too.

Seaside in Cambria, CA trying to suck up some saltwater ground plane (it didn't help).

K40 baseloaded antenna cut down for 10 meters and affixed with the K40 magnetic mount.

Note the strategic off-center position to allow easy left arm access for QD maneuvers (quick disconnect) when I park in my garage and in underground lots.

CB'ers are indeed onto something -- this antenna does work well.  I was surprised that I needed to cut a full 5 inches from the whip to get its SWR to 1.5:1 at 28.300Mhz.

Sold in 2002 to buy a 4DR car for the kids.

Find good deals on K40's here.

A Radio Shack HTX-100 (c. 1989) dangles from the parking brake lever that also supports a Palm Mini Paddle. The rig puts out 25W at high power and 5W at low power.

12VDC comes from the cigarette lighter.

(Hey, where's the mic?!)

K10PLUS keyer from K1EL stashed in an Altoids-type tin.

The four buttons trigger the CW memories and give access to programming the keyer, which receives and confirms commands in morse code.

The beacon feature sends my CQ CQ CQ DE N4EKV/M K every 6 seconds, an essential feature for logging QSOs while /QRP/M.

A peek inside the Altoids tin shows the K10PLUS keyer and related parts. Double-sided tape keeps the PCB and battery in place.

The 9V battery should last for months.


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